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Asia Pacific Political and Economic Insights

Four-years Experience Makes Professional Consulting Services of International Relations

Asia Pacific Political and Economic Insights is a Taiwan-based consulting company founded in 2018. The predecessor of the company was a research group that conducted preliminary research for Taiwan's new southbound policy in 2016. After continuous development, we have grown into a mature team with multi-field research capabilities, and based on this, we provide customers with high-quality, comprehensive all-round consulting, investment advisory services and etc.

Over the years, Asia-Pacific Political and Economic Insights has focused on the research of the Asia-Pacific region. Our research team includes retired officials, retired military officers, well-known scholars, university scholars, and foreign journalists. Our research fields cover international strategy, geopolitics, foreign policy, defense security, and economics, culture, energy and other fields, based on which we can provide decision-making basis for government dept, institutions and enterprises in Taiwan.

In 2021, Asia-Pacific Political and Economic Insights cooperated with a local team in Singapore to set up an office, aiming to further meet the needs of Taiwanese society to understand the situation in the region, and at the same time provide a window for the outside world to understand the situation in the Taiwan Strait.


Consultation Service

Provide accurate and efficient consulting services based on strong research capabilities.


Event Planning

Provide professional event planning across 10 countries and regions.


Financial investment

Provide professional investment advice on markets in New Southbound, the United States, and China.

More About Us

Research Team, Research Features, Service Advantage


Research Team

APPEI regards research ability as its core competitiveness, and is committed to continuously strengthening the team's research ability. At present, APPEI's research team is composed mainly of local celebrities from Taiwan. At the same time, in order to improve its research capabilities, APPEI is actively seeking cooperation with overseas experts. At present, there are nearly 20 overseas experts, respectively from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc., having already cooperated with us in different ways.


Research Features

APPEI's core research areas cover Asia-Pacific Strategic Landscape, Taiwan Foreign and Defense Policy, Global Economy, Asia Pacific Military, New Southbound Policy, Chinese Politics and Economic Ecology.

Our research work is based on rigorous scientific models, attaches great importance to the quantification of information sources and research analysis, and strives for the objectivity of research results. To this end, we have developed our own unique research and investigation process, which has been consistently acclaimed in practice.


Service Advantage

Based on competitive research capabilities and achievements, APPEI provides consulting services, translation, event planning, and investment management. Our team members have rich working experience in well-known domestic consulting agencies, who can provide customized service solutions according to customer needs and are efficient in work for various services.

At present, APPEI's customer base is not limited to Taiwan, but also institutions and enterprises from Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Europe.



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