Asia-Pacific Strategic Landscape

In recent years, the concept of the Indo-Pacific region has emerged. In fact, after entering the 21st century, the Asia-Pacific region has gradually become the center of global geopolitics. As one of them, Taiwan is facing a huge threat from China. Understanding the strategic pattern of the Asia-Pacific/Indo-Pacific region is of great significance to Taiwan's policymakers and enterprises.

To this end, APPEI regards tracking and interpreting the Asia-Pacific strategic pattern as one of its core tasks at each stage of development, and our teams located in Taiwan and Singapore have a dedicated team to conduct research on this. Over the years, our research results have been highly affirmed by customers.

Taiwan Foreign and Defense Policy

Because of the ubiquitous Chinese factor, Taiwan's international status is very delicate. It’s not an easy thing for Taiwan to make any policy either in foreign affairs or national defense. APPEI aims to provide a basis for decision-making through its own professional knowledge.

APPEI believes that Taiwan-US relations are the core influencing factors of Taiwan's foreign and defense policy formulation. Currently, we’ve formed a special group and have invited special consultants from the United States to work together to conduct in-depth tracking and interpretation of the past, current situation and future of Taiwan-US relations. In addition, we also attach importance to the study of important bilateral relations such as Taiwan and Japan.

Global Economy

APPEI believes that economic development is the foundation of the global political landscape, and grasping the global economic trend is to a certain extent tantamount to grasping the pulse of the global political landscape. APPEI's economic research team gathers well-known scholars from well-known universities in Taiwan, and they track and interpret the global economy together with experts from Singapore and Hong Kong.

In the post-epidemic era, major changes have taken place in the global supply chain, and Taiwan's semiconductor industry has played an important role in it. In response to the needs of Taiwanese government depts and corporate customers, APPEI has conducted a unique interpretation of the world with precise and quantitative research methods from the perspective of the global supply chain, providing an important decision-making basis for many large multinational companies in Taiwan.

Asia Pacific Military

Due to competition among major powers and bilateral frictions among countries in the region, the Asia-Pacific and the wider Indo-Pacific region have been the regions with the fastest growth in defense spending for a long time. The overall military power has developed rapidly. that area.

Facing China's rapidly rising military power, Taiwan faces the most serious security threat in the region. How to adapt to the development of regional military power and how to build a deterrent military force with limited resources are major issues facing Taiwan. APPEI is committed to tracking the development of regional military power, especially the military power of China and the United States, as well as the military interaction between Taiwan and the United States, so as to provide valuable suggestions for Taiwan's national defense security.

Chinese Politics and Economic Ecology

With the rise of China as a major force in the world, China-related issues have become the focus of research institutions and consulting companies around the world. For us in the Taiwan Strait, APPEI also pays attention to the development of China, and because of the same language and similar culture, it has a natural advantage in research.

Our research on China includes politics, diplomacy, policy, economy, technology and other aspects. Compared with general institutions and consulting companies, we will use our research advantages and deep-seated issues in the field of human resources to analyze, so as to get more Valuable information. At present, many well-known foreign institutions have long-term cooperation with us in China research.

New Southbound Policy

The research on the new southbound countries is the starting point for the establishment of APPEI. For a long time, we have been paying attention to the new southbound countries, and strive to make it our core competitive advantage.

APPEI's focus on the new southbound countries includes politics, diplomacy, policy, economy, culture, science and technology, labor, etc., and can provide efficient and reliable decision-making basis for the development and investment of different customers in this region. At present, APPEI maintains close cooperation with many large multinational companies in the research of new southbound countries.



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